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LUIS el BELGA - Drums



 The Rockets were formed in early 1996 when guitarist Graham Foster left Major Blues consequently leaving drummer Geoff Britton (ex Wings, Manfred Mann's Earthband) and bass player Steve Emery (ex Stretch, Eric Clapton Band) without a guitarist and singer 

Geoff Britton moved to Spain at the end of the 80's and has played in a whole catalogue of bands since he began in the 1960's.  Possibly his first big break was with folk-rockers East of Eden, although he is best known for his spell in Wings with Paul McCartney in the mid 70's. Other names for his CV include Manfred Mann's Earthband, The Pirates, Chicken Shack, The Mike Oldfield Band, The Wild Angels.  In 1977 he was in the 'supergroup' Rough Diamond, recording in London's' Roundhouse Studios when he came across an eighteen old assistant engineer called Jools Cooper

After some time Steve Emery left The Rockets to join Spanish pop-rockers Revolver and also IO along with Jools and can be heard on the album 'Fuera de la Ley' and the Jools Cooper penned single 'Porque Me Gusta'. Both Steve and Jools collaborated heavily on the album 'Sombras Largas' by Spanish pop trio Siete Leguas in 1998. Emery was replaced with Derek Gill, bassist with Robert Palmer in the 1970's who stayed until the band broke up at the end of 1999.

The re-launch came in early 2002 with the arrival of ex-Humble Pie bassist Greg Ridley which also generated a great deal of interest in the band. The Rockets entered the studio in summer 2003 and managed to complete six songs before Greg's health started to fail, these tracks appear on the Greg Ridley anthology album "All I Ever Needed" released January 2005. Sadly this line-ups last gig together was on October 23rd 2003, Greg's birthday, he was taken into hospital a week later and died of cancer on the 19th of November, the end of another rock legend.

The band sorely missed Greg but were able to continue with Brad Mariner taking up bass duties until late summer 2004 when ex-lindisfarne bassist Tom Duffy joined. Tommy spent three years as The Rockets bass player, bringing a different style of funk-based playing to the band as well as his infectious smile and humour. Steve Emery returned to the band in 2007 until his retirement in 2014.

As from 2014 The Rockets have been playing live with Jools cooper (as always), bassist Tommy Duffy and drummer Luis el Belga.


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